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June 19, 2012

Cisco Networking Academy is excited to announce Cisco NetSpace, our new online learning environment replacing Academy Connection. NetSpace is the second phase of Academy Evolution that you have all been waiting for—our technology evolution! NetSpace combines best-of-breed SaaS applications for teaching, learning, and collaboration, all driven by market needs and the latest educational trends and best practices. 
NetSpace integrates the Canvas by Instructure learning management system (LMS) with content, social learning, collaboration, business process, and user lifecycle management capabilities—creating an engaging and dynamic educational experience for you and your NetAcad students. An independent, robust “big data” repository and sophisticated reporting tools and analytics provide the foundational core.
Makes Teaching Easier, More Productive
With the explosion of social media and mobile electronic devices, we live in an increasingly connected world. NetSpace gives you a wide variety of communication options to keep you connected to your courses, your students, your peers, and to Cisco.
Integrated tools that support your own teaching style help you to really engage with your students, make it easy to foster informal and social learning, and also enable flipped classroom or blended-distance learning models.
An intuitive, user friendly interface makes it easy for instructors and students to get started using NetSpace immediately.
Creates an Engaging 21st Century Classroom Learning Experience
Terms like "work collaboratively," "share what you know," and "problem-solve as a team" are commonly associated with the kinds of 21st century skills that most people agree today's students should learn. With collaboration and communication tools built right in, NetSpace makes it easy for students to develop those skills as part of their learning experience, to give them a competitive edge in today’s workforce, and in life.
NetSpace will be released on July 1, 2012 as an Invitation-Only Beta for a small number of participants. If you are interested in participating in the Beta release, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it including your first name, last name, email address, and Academy Connection ID.
After the Beta period ends, NetSpace will be released and available to the entire NetAcad community. While you will be able to upgrade to NetSpace over a period of time when it is most convenient for you, we encourage all instructors to plan to upgrade to NetSpace during their next academic cycle, so that new NetAcad courses are created in NetSpace. After upgrading to NetSpace, you can continue to use Academy Connection to access existing classes. More details will be communicated when NetSpace is available for general use.
Are You Ready to Learn More?
For the latest information on NetSpace and to learn more about the features and benefits of our new learning environment, please visit the Academy Evolution area of Club NetAcad to view resources and join in the conversation: 
Log into the NetAcad communities at      
Navigate to the Academy Evolution area of Club NetAcad 
Watch Amy Christen, VP of Corporate Affairs at Cisco and General Manager of Cisco Networking Academy, talk about Cisco NetSpace 
Available resources include videos, presentations, training tutorials, FAQs, and other informational documents 
Ask questions in the Forum, read the Blog posts 
Get the latest on availability and how to upgrade to NetSpace  

Also, if you weren’t able to join us during the exciting announcement of NetSpace at the free virtual Academy Conference event on June 18, 2012, you only have until June 20, 2012 to register for access to the virtual environment, so don’t delay! Registration gives you access to all of the conference resources until October 1, 2012, including videos of the NetSpace announcement and demo sessions that included live Q&A from instructors around the world.
If you have questions after reviewing these resources, please contact your Academy Support Center (ASC) or the NetAcad Global Support Desk.